Calibration & Certification of Process Instruments

Calibration involves both types of applications where precision measurement and precision sourcing are required. A precision source is used to test a measurement instrument, and a precision measurement device tests a sourcing instrument. We have strong expertise in Pressure, temperature and flow calibration which are essential functions within most industries where measurement instrumentation is used to monitor process performance and safety.

For every single instrument calibrated, Reanstone issues a Calibration Certificate with all the information about the condition of UUC, Calibration Results, Traceability and repairs or adjustments made.

Our calibration capability in Pressure temperature and flow Instruments below:-

Digital & Analog Pressure Gauges, Test Gauges, Compound Pressure / Vacuum Gauges, Pressure Transmitters/Transducers (with/without readout), Pressure Chart Recorders, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Safety and Relief Valve, temperature Recorders and Transmitters, Petroleum Gauging Thermometers, flow Transmitters and Flow Switch, Flow Indicators, Controllers, Flow meters Repairing and Refurbishment, Water Meters / Fuel Meters.

Our calibration and certification process instruments cut across the below sub-areas:

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