Subsea and Assets IRM

Our FSE’s and technicians have vast experience working with various subsea asset architecture which includes but not limited to Vetco, FMC, Cameron, Aker Solutions etc.

Our On-site Technical expertise and Mobile flexibility makes us assess remote areas, whether onshore or offshore Oil Fields.

Valve failure can be caused by many factors, including incorrect assembly, installation or maintenance procedures performed on the valve, due to change in process parameter and no timely periodic maintenance.Our suite of solutions includes:

Our suite of solutions includes:

Removal Of Pumps

Removal of pumps from consoles, Gas Booster Units and flushing rigs to allow servicing and repair, Stripping down and inspection of Pumps, check and relief valves

Re-assembly of pumps, check valves, relief valves including fittings & seals of new pumps, Function testing of pumps and check valve to maximum operating conditions and settings of relief valves.

Pre-Commissioning Tests

Hydrostatics tests of Subsea manifolds, umblicals, EFLs & HFLs and Also High velocity flushing of subsea manifolds, XMT ports, umblicals, EFLs & HFLs using oceanic fluids flushing to NAS6.

Electrical Diagnosis

General maintenance and function tests of XMT test stumps. Reanstone FSE’s & Technicians also support full subsea intervention programs.

Valve Repair and Refurbishment

Reanstone has a well-equipped Valve Test and Repair engineers and technicians to carry out Refurbishment on Valves sizes ranging from ¼” to 24”, using self-clamping test rig, test manifolds up to a pressure range of 1000 bar.

We carry out Inspection / function testing, Overhaul, Refurbishment, Calibration, Pressure testing for various manufacturers for all types of Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, Non-Return Valves, Pressure Safety Valves Pressure Relief Valves.


Inspection of Flushing rig electrical system including switches, on/off buttons/ connections/phase voltages and electric motor.


Calibration & Re-certification of Gauges, Transmitters, Transducers, PRVs, Regulators etc.

We Provide The Best Services In The Industry

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